Quebec, Canadá

Project │ Incursiones + Central Arquitectura
Team │María Valentina González, Yanfe Pedroza, Stefan Gzyl, Manuela Falcón, Oriana Coello

Whenever the character of a story walks into a forest, they step into a world of adventure and trepidation, leaving the comfort of familiar paths behind and entering a realm of challenges and unpredictability. Wildhood wants to recover the mysterious spirit of the forest, its feeling of adventure and possibilities as in the favorite stories of our childhood.

We propose five structures, part monster/part primitive machine, organized in a loose circle and partially hidden among the trees, that engage people in multiple ways. Visitors are invited to venture into the forest, find them and conquer them. Climbing, sliding, getting dirty, jumping, even asking for help are some of the strategies necessary to tame these creatures.

Wildhood builds a narrative that resounds with the evocative quality of the forest, making the familiar unfamiliar and allowing visitors to change the way they relate to nature, becoming heroes in their own stories. Our project is a fun challenge that aims to recover lost practices of our childhood. It’s time to be brave again, return to the woods and have an epic adventure. It’s time to reclaim our wildhood.