La Vega, Municipio Libertador. Caracas, Venezuela

Project │ Incursiones
Team │ María Valentina González, Josymar Rodríguez, Stefan Gzyl, Alfonso Torres, Alexandra Núñez
AlliesAlimenta la Solidaridad, United States Embassy

Microinterventions are projects that aim at having high impact with great economy of means. They refer to limited, direct and effective operations that seek to transform the dynamics of use and interaction in small spaces. 

This small domestic intervention had two objectives: provide minimum standards of hygiene and sanitation to a kitchen that feeds one hundred children every day and create a dynamic that ensured the safety and superivision of the children while they waited, washed and ate.

The first objective was achieved by plastering and painting walls, replacing the existing roof and opening up the interior for light and ventilation.

The second objective was achieved by answering the question of how to keep the children outside within visual reach of staff cooking inside. The answer was to not only to create a larger window opening but to transform the window into an object that would attract children to itself. We turned the need for security bars into an opportunity to design a play structure for the children to climb. This structure was complemented with a long concrete bench and wash basin as well as a special door that can be operated in different ways so as to visually connect interior and exterior without necessarily letting children in or out.