Puerto Ordaz. Bolívar, Venezuela

Project │ Incursiones
Team │ Josymar Rodríguez, Yanfe Pedroza, María Valentina González, Raffaele Castaldi
Area │ 318 m

The plot for this project belongs to a family looking to grow and at the same time generate some revenue out of the new construction. The client wished to develop new rental units as well as an after-school space to attend to children.

In terms of spatial experience, we wanted to allow for moments of encounter and exchange between neighbors by means of a large and multi-height corridor that allows for views and sounds to permeate, blurring the limits between private and public spaces while creating a sense of amplitude.

The project parameters required to make effective use of limited resources, using economic materials and simple construction. We developed a single volume that takes its shape and proportion from the existing house and uses it as a blueprint for itself. The facades are thought of as flat planes on which variations of depth are introduced by using hollow concrete blocks that introduce light and air to both common and private spaces.