ON [CCS 451]


Los Cortijos. Caracas, Venezuela

Project │ Incursiones
Team │ Josymar Rodríguez, María Valentina González, Stefan Gzyl, Oriana Coello, Alejandro Arias, Nur Abdul, Alfonso Torres.
Allies CCSCity450, Alcaldía de Sucre, Fundación Espacio

As a first appropriation of public spaces for the ON project, INCURSIONES carried out a workshop with architecture students and neighbors that included the fabrication and installation of temporary furniture and the interventions of pedestrian crossings around a busy and wide intersection, an action intended to compel drivers to slow down and strengthen pedestrian presence the street. For the 451st anniversary of Caracas, we closed down the street and organized a large party/pedestrian takeover, an event that included live music, food and street performances.