Los Galpones Art Center. Caracas, Venezuela

Project │ Incursiones + Central Arquitectura
Team │ Josymar Rodríguez, Stefan Gzyl 
Photography │Julio Mesa

At the request of the Goethe-Institut, we designed and built a table for displaying postcards and other graphic material associated with Berlin’s club scene.

This project was an exercise of minimum cost / maximum impact design logic. We proposed a table made only of two 4’X8’ MDF boards, cutting one board to be as long as possible, allowing it to become a feature in a very large exhibition space and articulating this its scale with that of the small postcards. The board’s short ends where cut diagonally so as to create a zig-zag pattern in the overall form, which guaranteed the lateral stability of an otherwise too slender table. The second board was used to build twenty thin legs on which the table stands. The entire table was cut on a CNC machine and assembled on the same day.