Los Palos Grandes Square, Chacao. Caracas, Venezuela

Project │ Incursiones
Team │ Josymar Rodríguez, María Valentina González, Yanfe Pedroza
Collaborators │ Lechosas Moradas, Valeria Ramos, Leonel Flores, Nikolai Elneser, Andrés Peñaloza, Yabeth Bautista, Alvertluis Jimenez, Andrés Stholmann, Luis Miguel de Jesús, Stefan Gzyl, María Virginia Millán, Hugo Bovea, Miguel Salas
Photography │ Luis Manzano, María Fernanda González, Regulo Gómez, Jon Cárdenas, Elizabeth Mata, Israel Leal, Valeria Ramos, Richard Torrealba, Mariana De León
Video │ Edwin Corona, Jon Tirado, Samuel Rivas, María Maiolino
AlliesGoethe-Institut, Cultura Chacao, 8cho Studio, Librería Lugar Común, Librería Kalathos, Librería El Buscón, Instituto Italiano de Cultura, British Council, Alianza Francesa, Urbanimia, Caracas es, Belinda Téllez, Michael Zerpa, Stefhany Chacín, Stephanie Medina, Julio César

This event, sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and the cultural department of the municipality of Chacao, was carried out simultaneously in several cities around Latin American on the afternoon of September 26th, 2015. It aimed at the promotion of reading as a form of cultural expression and appropriation.

We designed a form of spatial-acoustic takeover of a public square in which hundreds of participants read out loud and in several languages fragments of their favorite books, an event in which curiosity and trust in others became the “conductors” of an improvised orchestra that created a new form of interaction with public space and each other. With no previous rehearsal, book-lovers responded to our invitation and followed a set of instructions sent to them previously via text messages.

Each reader was given a large blue balloon, thus becoming a dot with a voice in the public square. After the event, participants were encouraged to take their balloons and share on social media what they had done with them, where they had taken them and what other spaces they helped conquer.